Spirituality vs. Science

We are told the physical reality has nothing to do with spirituality. That science rejects religion, that it repudiates the very existence of inner world and finer energies in and around us.
We are told that science confirms long made spiritual assessments, that quantum physics is the expression of the "outer" reality.

We've been told everything is energy, nothing is real or that everything is material and there is only our Reality to serve us.

Which one is the truth? Where is the limit between being down-to-earth person or being in the clouds and how one can find the right place to exist?

These are some of the questions I try to address in my site.

Hello and welcome to my world! My name is Denitsa and this is my new project - To The Future With Love! 

The purpose of this site is simple:

I wanna write and send to the future, everything that I consider valuable and important. Like an open message in a bottle headed to the future. Our personality is ever changing, so I want to compare my beliefs now, with the ones I'd have after 10 or so years. And meanwhile, I'd like to share my current state of understanding with all of you.

This site is meant to educate and help you (and also me) on your journey to the truth. We all are nothing but travelers on our way to our real selves. I'm offering you my understanding as a base (or just a color) on your never-ending story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

 We are all one and the physical and the spiritual interwolve eachother in what we call our Reality. So i tried to examine our life from that angle.

I don't claim I know everything or that what I wrote here is final. Take it for what it is - an opinion, not different than your own, that could be right or wrong. I don't believe in absolute meanings or absolute truth. I'm a physicist and I know there is one thing that is for real and this is our Universe and our experience in it.

Everything that is not happenning is not real and it's subject to objection, rejection or simply misunderstanding. Scientists like to predict, to penetrate below the objective point of view, to drown themselves in mathematics and controversial theories. That's fine by me - I love it! This is what I do for living. But it doesn't change the facts! What we see/feel is what we get. What we cannot experience under any circumstences is not real. It's simply a theory which might or might not be true. A mental exercise.

Thus my approach to life -Don't think it, feel it, it will tell you whether it's good or bad for you. So I'm writing about the things I experienced myself and I'm offering you my insights on those problems. It may not apply to you, but knowing that already opens new doors for you. Remember, knowledge is power!

I believe people should live in responsible, informed and decisive way. That they should always try to get the maximum of every opportunity and to enjoy every possible, enjoyable moment. That they should always be ready and willing to give their opinions and try to make the world a better place.

So here's my contribution. I made it with lots of love and positive energy, I hope you all feel it when you read it.

Little bit about the site's structure.

You can navigate trough 3 menus - the major one (to the left), the "updates" one (to the right) and the "ordered" one (on the top). If you have troubles finding something or just want to see all the pages at once, use the SiteMap button. It's a way out of the creators chaos and into the intellectual order.

The site has is dedicated to 3 important aspects of life: Physical Life, Spiritual Life and Social Life (mostly my blog). You can see that for me, both the scientific and the spiritual paths in life are equally important.

What I shared here is what I found so far to make me feel better, healthier and enjoying my life as much as I can.

If you like or dislike something a lot, please feel free to email me.

A little excuse for the ads, but I need to support the site one way or another. And Google feed us all. Its next step as announced is to be able to tell us what to do, so that we don't have to struggle with all that decision and choices around. All be warned! And be aware! :)

I hope you enjoy your journey into my world and benefit from it in the most ways possible.

Have a wonderful day and Live the way YOU wanna live!

And remember, Uncle Google knows it all!


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