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Lucid dreams

Lucid dreams were long considered nothing but a myth. Recent advances in MRI and fMRI technologies however, proved that this is not only a myth. The state of the brain of the subject that is in lucid dreaming is different than from ordinary dreams. But we're not talking about science now. If you're interested, I'm sure Google will be as helpful as always. This page is about how to start lucid dreaming relying only on ourselves.

What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is a broad term (at least according to some people) that refers to dreams in which we're in control of the dream environment. We may fly, pass trough walls, fight bulls or enjoy nice little dream porno (sex in lucid dreams is GREAT!!!). We're the one in control.

Not long ago, I thought that lucid dreams are very close to astral projection, but in a conversation with Rawn Clark, he convinced me, that's wrong. Because this is a connection that you might be tempted to believe in, I will tell you what he told me.
In short - lucid dreams are not astral projection. They are what they name refer to - dreams. During such experiences, we're in the boundaries of our brains - we cannot experience any outside reality. We may occasionally get glimpses of that reality, but only that much. For example, in my dreams, if I want to simply fly in one direction, I cannot do that infinitely. I stop and usually very soon. That means, that our dreams are confined to our brain and its vision of what you should be dreaming of, its memories, its fears and whatever. Astral projection refers to you traveling consciously in the astral plane. Which means, during astral projection you can experience things that you never did before, you can visit places you have never been or heard of or you can talk with other people for real. Now, I'm not going to talk about astral projection and the reality of the astral plane. I'm not so experienced in astral projections if at all. This is just for your information. The important part is that dreams are not astral projections in most cases.

Why bothering learning to lucid dream?

Because it's FUN! The sex is only one thing. One of the greatest things ever for me, is to be able to get out of my room while I dream and to discover I can fly. Then I get out of the window/door and just fly. Or fall. It's pure freedom. You can see a gang of nasty men that want to shoot you and realize you're dreaming and to take their clothes off and enjoy them. Or you can meet some person you really admire and talk with him/her. Or to hug some very nice and furry and cute animal. Or to swim in the sea (or in the air). You can write poetry (though I once did and never could remember the whole thing). You can rehearse your presentation. You can imagine your boss/wife/husband/whatever and to tell them how you feel about them. And whatever you do, when you wake up, you feel so energized by the dream, so happy. I have no idea why, maybe because of the freedom of physical laws and social limitations, but it really energize me. So I think I gave you some pretty good reasons to be interested in lucid dreams.

How to lucid dream?

Ok, there is no scientific method of learning that I know of. I can tell you how it happened for me. I followed one book which said to make a list of 10 things each day of the week that you will be watching for during the day like red car, blue hat, curly hair, a dog, a cat.... So when you see any of them, you're to make a reality check - you will either read something (the best reality check - usually during a dream, it's hard to read the same thing twice) or you'll try to feel your whole body or you will have to think how you got to the place you are, is there anything strange. The idea is that if you do that every time and for real, next time you dream and see any of those objects, you'll discover you're dreaming. And they all raise your awareness during the day, which turns out can easily lead to lucid dreaming. Also I noticed that if I do meditation to fall asleep in the morning (yeah, I know it sounds very stupid, but it helps me), I also get often in lucid dreaming.
Again, there's no exact method. I'm sure that you can find plenty of stuff in internet. You can may auto-suggestions each night like "This night, when I dream, I will know I'm dreaming". It may or may not help. In the end, it's very personal thing. But eventually, it will happen. The most important thing, that is essential is to keep a dream diary. And to be very very thorough when remembering the dreams from last night. And I mean it. It's very helpful, because it tells your brain dreams are important and to pay more attention during them. And paying attention for the brain means putting your awareness there. Meaning you get to lucid dream.
Now, for some people, remembering their dreams is very hard. Some will even say they don't dream. That's not true. It cannot be unless you're very very special neurologically. We all dream. To remember your dream, if you have never done it, you'll have to use some auto-suggestion in the evening: "In the morning, I will remember my dreams". Then in the morning, first thing when you wake up, don't move for a while. Stay still and try to find out what you dreamed of. If nothing pops up, try thinking about your last day, could it be anything from it. Could it be your family, your friends, something important for you. It usually is. If you remember anything, write it down IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise, it will soon fly away. If nothing comes, then tell yourself that you will remember it during the day. If you do - write it down. If not, then continue with the auto-suggestions.
Also, it's very very very important to get enough sleep (but not too much). Take your 7-8-9 hours, because if you're too tired, so will be your brain and it won't be able to pay attention while you sleep. Another thing that stops quality dreaming are sleeping pills - while I took them, I didn't have even one lucid dream, not to speak about good and interesting normal dreams. Also alcohol doesn't help at all. If your brain is too drugged/drunk to pay attention, it won't. As for sex before sleep, I guess it's good, it always is. The problem is in the mornings, because it will distract you. Find a way to write down your dreams before engaging in any fun or make markers of your dreams (things that will later remind you of your dream).

I'm lucid dreaming, now what?

Lucid dreams may be very unstable. To stay in them when you fell you're losing it, it's very useful to start watching your hands very carefully, or to start spinning. This can and usually will keep you in the lucid state. Now, that may not always work, but in most cases it does. And after you're stable, just wish anything and you'll have it. Just remember to ALWAYS check if you're dreaming! Wave your hands to see if you can fly. Try passing trough a wall. That is very important, because if you like me like flying, it will be very bad to jump out of the window, while you're not asleep. Very bad and usually very deadly. So just remember to always check. It's very unlikely to be able to fly outside a dream, so this is a very safe way to know you're asleep. And if you are, well, just enjoy it! Do whatever you like, this is your chance! Also, if you sleep walk - don't ever jump out of windows, awake or during sleep. This way you'll guarantee your fun. And life.

So, this is lucid dreaming in short. Notice how you don't have to use any drugs or whatever to achieve it. It's natural and very easy, if you bother to pay attention to your dreams and to your world while awake. And it's very fun thing to do during the night. So enjoy yourselves and discover the power of your own brain.