How to live a healthy Life


Ok, because I promised this site will try to deal with some problems a growing person face on his/her way, i'm going to say a little something about how to live a healthy life. Or more likely, i'm going to paste some things I wrote some times ago and I'll hope they'll do.

First of all, i believe the health is one of the most important factors for happiness. And no, i don't mean general health, because sometimes, that's hard to manipulate. Some people are born with defects in their bodies that can last for a life-time and be somewhat a burden. But should that prevents us form being happy? NO!

So, let's see what i consider imortant. I'd appreciate any feedback. Or you could post in the forum. It's not really crowded in there, but still.

Let's start with a little list of the important things in our life.

  1. Air. Yep, breathing is what we do most in our lives and mostly unconciously. Now, if you wanna learn how to breath, it might be a good idea to join some yoga course. What i'll say about it is that it's extremely important for our energy levels that we have enough oxygen in our blood. So what that means is that 1) we should try to breath clean air- at least free of cigarette smoke, 2) we should try to breath as deeply as possible as much as possible but without putting any tension on our lungs. Just enjoy breathing, it's enough. And it is really relaxing 3) we should take our time during the day to make few really deep breathes with holding. For more information, i'll add a link later.
  2. Water. You all know how much water is to be found in our cells- it's MUCH. More than 90%. Which means we need plenty of clean water every day to keep our body fresh and healthy. Drink as much as you want! You won't harm yourself, if you don't have some disfunction. And if you have- you'll know it already probably. Drink mineral water as it provides all the minerals we need and it does good to the digestive system. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. They are tasty and they are full of water.
  3. Food. Now, some say it's ok to be overweight. I don't think so. Yeah, acceptance is a good thing, we should be ashamed of what we are, but that shouldn't stop us becoming better. So, for me, to be in the weight norm it's extremely important. If you look good, you're likely to feel good, to be liked, to have more energy which to spend having fun.  Now, sometimes it's hard to get fit. I realise that. There are so many reasons and all it's so complicated. But it won't hurt for sure to try to get yourself thinner and fitter. Below, you'll find my tips for having a normal weight. Make sure you read the article about soya, as it's really enlightening. I personally love eating soya germs, but right now, i'm confused. And you can also check the article on cholesterol as there is some valuable information.
  4. Exercises. Our body is made to move! All our muscles, they just crave for motion. They want to do things, to stretch and swet. So, be kind and provide them some work out. You can do anythings- from yoga, to walking or body-building. Just do what you like. Running for example is a great way to stay fit. Yep, it's hard at first, but when you stop doing it as a punishment and have fun instead- it's a real pleasure. I realised that after i bought a dog and started running with him. It was a great insight for real.
  5. Sleep. Ok, i simply can not over emphasyze the night sleep. Yeah, people need different amounts of sleep and so on, but one thing is sure. Stay 11 days without sleep and you're dead. I've pushed to the limits in my insomnia period and I should say- IT SUCKS! Without sleep the brain simply can't work properly. It screws up. It's funny for a while, but then it gets tragic quite quickly. So even if you don't have insomnia, make sure you get at least 7 hours night sleep every night. While asleep, the brain reorganise the information during the day, the body relaxes, the soul connects whom it should connects and the stress simply goes to hell. Because i know many people have sleep disorders, maybe I will write an article about it, but for now, i'll just like to say that their are 3 key moments for getting a decent sleep- have enough movement in the day, have enough sun light (yes, correct, our bodies and eyes need sunlight, especially the eyes, so make sure you spend enough time outside, on the sun ) and when in bed- try to relax. I took so many sleeping pills until I realised- once the mind is calm, meaning, thinking of NOTHING, the sleep comes by itself. Hard but worthy...

If you need more information on cholesterol or wanna read something really interesting about soya, you can see two more articles I found:

Cholesterol-how to deal with it?  Soya-healthy or not?

And last but not least, try to have fun. Being positive and having a good time can do miracles for everybody. And it's a better way to live our life.

Now, i'm gonna paste what i wrote in a forum on how to lose weight:

           First if you have slow methabolisme, it sucks. Ok,maybe not completely, because you can stay drunk for longer, but it's not such a bonus. I wonder why you can't stay not hungry too, but i guess it's more of a habit than else.
I think the best diet is the one that your doctor gives you.Because what is good for someone,may not be as good for you.Yeah,there are basic elements your body needs, but the proportion is different. Besides,there are even books connecting different blood types with different nutrition-and i found for me,it's,say, 85% percents correct.So, diet smartly.
        Maybe good point to start is to start cooking.Preparing your food will firstly delay the consumtion so you might turn out not so hungy,and allow you to prepare healthy food. Beside food-shopping and meal-planning is fun and you can enjoy your fav. meal even before you eat it.
       And junk foods like McDonalds and so on are definately something one should avoid.Ok,one per week,yes,but more?! If you think about how it is prepared and by whom,it's so disgusting.Think of Eminem's video :)
       Alchohol and cigarettes adds up too,though maybe the second one can make you thinner than fatter.
       And the best replacement if you ask me for eating from habit or for sugar rush is imagination.Sugar rush attack the lack of endorphines in the brain,so if you start thinking of something gay,and get distracted,you won't have to eat a candy.It works,trust me.Think of something funny, like someone that you love in funny situation. Like your dog trying to eat its tail.

     Variety. It's totally unadvisible/because your stomach is not a recycle bin/ but i eat little/ok,maybe not that little/ from many things in one meal and this way i'm VEEERY happy. I guess it's up to a metabolisme,but still,human body needs various of elements so you shouldn't forget to eat different stuff. 
     Don't forget to give yourself your favorite food. Like Monday-choco bar,Tuesday-pasta,whatever,just be moderate.If you have something to dream on,you're more likely to keep the diet. 
    And last-read what are the ingredients of what you eat.Cuz having the whole E-alphabet won't help you get thin and healthy. It's impossible to keep all the chemistry out of your meal,but at least choose the least abnormal thing.
    Think what you eat when you eat it.If you eat too much out of habbit, try not to look TV while you eat.Just enjoy your meal,feel it,taste it and know you're eating.It's so stupid to be overweight and to not enjoy the chocolate.With all the models,superstars and children in Africa who dream for a chocolate,at least enjoy your "vice". 
    Keep moving,dancing,going up and down the stairs,whatever. 
    And yeah,drink WATER(warm). Our body is mostly watery,so don't starve it from its main ingredient.Besides it's totally unhealthy to be thursty.

That's all folks! Don't forget to enjoy your life!