Project Earth.


A year ago, I was invited in a yahoo group with great project. To help the Earth using group meditation every day at 11:11 local time. I tried and it was awesome. Not only I felt great doing it, but I think we saw some effect already.

The idea of the local 11:11 is to gather so many people, from so many countries that in any time zone twice a day to have a group of people sending their positive energy to our beloved Planet and her inhabitants. Not only intensified by the group effect, but continuous in the space and time

How is to be done:

  • Just sit comfortably or lie or stand up, however you feel good and close your eyes. See / feel / acknowledge the Earth, her existance, her presence and what she does for us in every moment. How she's always there to support us and provide us and let us live our life. See all the people- your beloved, your friends, all the children and animals and plants and all the happy moments you have experienced. And then direct all that pure love to the Earth- our Mother. To the world- our world, the only one for now where we can love or cry. The one where we have the time to breath and work and enjoy our life. Just feel the love and spread it. Do it for as long as you like.

    You can imagine the Earth as seen from space and hug her or see pink and green clouds full of love surrounding her. You can do advanced version in which you first send your love to the Earth-our Mother and then to the Sun and the whole space- our Father (without whom we'd be just a cold rock in the empty and dark space) and then feel how their love and existance are one with you. And you are one with them. It's called the meditaion of the Holy Trinity- you, the female aspect of God and the male aspect of God.

    If you're not a believer, you might prefer something simpler. Just have a quite minute to wish all the best to every creature on Earth and to the Earth herself. To send your certitude that everything will become better and better. That every problem will be solved in the best possible way.

I know this might be hard, seeing all those bad, painful and deadly things happen all around us, but focussing on the negativity won't do you any good. Focuss on the positve and you'll feel it yourself. After all, something that feels so right can't be wrong. And focussing on your love and trust in life feel really really good. 

What you shouldn't do is to focuss on something specific. Don't think of any local or international problem as you will be carried away by the negativiy and you'll send negativity instead of love. And even more- you/nor I, nor anybody/ don't know what is the best solution of the problem. Even if you think something is for the best, you may not know all the factors involved, all the people that might get hurt, so better leave that to the Universe. Stay positive and send love. Show your trust in the Divine Providence and enjoy the meditation. That's the best way to help. Just be love.

That meditation is not enough to change the world quickly and painlessly. But it's a good start. The rest is up to you. Be a good person, a responsible citizen, someone that cares and helps when it's possible. Vote smartly, but always VOTE! Democracy is not only a privilege, it's a responsibility so use your vote to let only the best people available to rule.Stay informed and think of the consequences of your action. You might not be able to foresee everything, but taking all you know in consideration will help you and the others stay safe, alive and happy.

And NEVER drive drunk or on drugs, cuz that really kills and almost always not you.